Demilitarize McGill is a campaign at McGill University to oppose research contributing to the development of thermobaric weapons by the US military. This kind of research has been going on at McGill since the late 1960s when the predecessors to thermobaric explosives, fuel-air explosives, were invented by the US military during the Vietnam war. In recent years, thermobaric explosives have been used for the bombing of tunnels in Afghanistan and for demolishing houses during urban warfare in Iraq.

We are proposing that McGill implement policies to ensure that the conduct of military research at the university is publically transparent and ethically evaluated. For decades McGill has been producing knowledge that enhances the killing capacity of the US military. The details of this, and any other military research, must be made transparent so that there can be a formal, public discussion at the university of its ethical implications.

Demilitarize McGill is a working group of QPIRG-McGill, and part of the Operation Objection campaign in Quebec.

To join our listserv, please contact us at demilitarizemcgill [at] gmail [dot] com.


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