Update on Research Policy

The new Research Policy at McGill was slated to be approved in Senate on March 4, 2009.  However, the motion has been postponed to the last Senate meeting of the year, on May 20, 2009. Apparently, more time was needed to work on the policy.

We are concerned that by moving the senate adoption of the policy to May, the administration will be dealing with this important and potentially controversial issue while there are fewer students on campus, and no student press. Under these circumstance, the review of the policy will have less student participation, less student awareness, and less critical input from student groups such as Demilitarize McGill that are concerned about the implications that the policy will have for the future of military research at McGill.

The Senate Steering Committee is responsible for deciding when business is brought to the senate. Their next meeting will be held on April 7th, and we are working with student representatives on the committee to push for the consideration of the conduct of research policy to be moved until next fall when there can be more student participation in the process.

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