SSMU General Assembly Results!

Motion Re: Military Research

“This motion PASSED.  The SSMU is now mandated by the undergraduate student body to oppose any McGill involvement in the development of thermobaric weapons.  The upcoming revision of McGill’s Policy on the Conduct of Research may be an ideal opportunity to act on this mandate.”

February 5th General Assembly Results

A Note from the Students’ Society of McGill University Executive Committee

Listed below, you will find the results of the Winter 2009 General Assembly.  This GA was the best attended in the recent history of the SSMU, with over 700 students present throughout the proceedings from 4:00pm – 7:30pm.  The Executive Committee of the SSMU would like to thank the students who participated and used this forum to express their views and opinions in a collegial and respectful manner.  We have heard your voices.  We will begin working to implement these new mandates into each of the Executive portfolios, the Shatner Building and our internal and external groups.  Please direct questions concerning the motions to our President, Kay Turner, at

To read motions in full please visit

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