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You have a duty to demilitarize McGill

Vox Populi from The McGill Tribune – By Zoë Miller-Vedam & Sabina Roan What do the words “I am a McGill student” mean? As we receive our degrees from McGill, do we have an obligation to turn and question the

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Higher learning or higher-tech weapons?

Hyde Park from the McGill Daily, February 16th, 2009 By Nat Marshik Weapons, to state the obvious, are extremely complicated. High-tech explosives are not something your average McGill student understands particularly well. This may be one reason why the student

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SSMU General Assembly Results!

Motion Re: Military Research “This motion PASSED.  The SSMU is now mandated by the undergraduate student body to oppose any McGill involvement in the development of thermobaric weapons.  The upcoming revision of McGill’s Policy on the Conduct of Research may

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